The “Comfort Curse”

Are you comfortable?

Is your business getting satisfactory results?

That’s a shame.

Why would you accept “satisfactory”?

If things are satisfactory… you should be doing more.

Sending more emails, doing more split tests.

The only way to progress is to be uncomfortable.

Take a recent client of mine…

They were doing “satisfactory”.

They came to me as they were launching a new online fitness program and moving from Mailchimp to Activecampaign.

So I devised a plan that made them uncomfortable.


Sure I could have recommended some genius 10-part behaviour triggered/automated/multipath campaign.

But I like getting results FAST.

And from my experience, daily emails are the best way to do that.

When done right.

Unfortunately, this made my client a bit uncomfortable…

They were worried about annoying the people on their list.

I convinced them to let me test…

It’s a small segment of the list.

We gradually increased the send size until we got to 365. After that the reason for the drop off is people signing up for the program.

Unfortunately, I never got to send it to the full list.

That campaign added another £8k to the business. There will be some drop-offs throughout the year no doubt, but decent results for such a small test.

So if you’re looking to generate more sales for your business.

Step out of your comfort zone and start sending daily emails.

When done right the people on your list won’t be annoyed… They’ll be excited to get your emails.

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